At a time of modern advancements in medical practice and technology, pervasive and complex health issues continue to pose a serious threat to individuals, societies and governments around the world. Nutritionist and alternative health advocate Bob Barefoot puts forth an idea—go back to basics and harness the natural therapeutic properties of nature. This is the main thesis behind his latest product—a health supplement made with a medically known “super food”—called Bob’s Best Chlorella. Bob’s Best Chlorella is [...]
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vitamin d and tuberculosis
Today, March 24th, is World Tuberculosis Day. World Tuberculosis Day is a day to raise awareness about the infection and solutions to support worldwide control efforts of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection. The bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, commonly attacks the lungs, but can also infect other parts of the body such as the kidneys and brain. TB can cause fevers, pain in the chest, weakness, and coughing up blood and phlegm. If not treated, TB can lead [...]
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Why do I get tired during the wintertime months? During the wintertime our levels of vitamin d drop significantly (more than 50 percent in the northern areas) because we do not get enough sun exposure and even if we do, the sun is not as strong in the winter, even in the South, and vitamin d levels can fall. We recommend that you get your vitamin d levels checked because low levels can contribute to your fatigue. [...]
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Hyaluronic Acid – Nature’s Moisturizer High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can be found in all joints, eyes and connective tissues where it lubricates the moveable parts of your body.  The wear and tear of our body is maintained and resisted by Hyaluronic Acid, but as we age, our HA levels drop and as a result we begin to notice deterioration of our body. High molecular weight, natural source and thickness are all crucial in [...]
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Coral calcium is a dietary dietary supplement that people can consider to increase their calcium needs. But similar to other nutritional supplements, it’s unavoidable which international students have individuals which are skeptic as a subject of the unintended results of coral calcium. If you’re undoubtedly one of these folks, it is an excellent point which you just come across doing so post as you’ll learn the essence and what coral calcium can do for you, [...]
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Coral Calcium – Goes Beyond Bone Healing Learn more by calling 800-210-1268 With the increasing number of health supplements these days, you might get confused as to which product will bring you more benefits. First, you have to ask yourself, “What kind of supplement does your body need?” If you think, it’s bone healing that your body requires, then why don’t you go for a complete calcium mineral supplement? Calcium is a very important mineral needed by the body [...]
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There’s no other way to put it: Any doc who’s still pushing the government-backed low-sodium diet is a complete ignoramus, plain and simple — because the problem facing most Americans these days isn’t too much salt… it’s TOO LITTLE! I don’t need to see yet another new study to know those guidelines have been an absolute train wreck — but if you’re under the care of an ignoramus, tell him to get out his copy of [...]
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A great question that is asked on a regular basis. We asked Bob for an answer?  Enjoy! To understand the potential of coral for health, one needs to understand the ecology of life on coral collections in the ocean. Coral reefs have been dated back over two hundred million years and they are the largest structures, on earth created by any organism. The beauty of coral reefs hide a secret, that up to one half of [...]
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by William Campbell Douglass II, M.D. The clock is running out on 2011, but it looks like there’s still time to squeeze in one last phony vitamin panic. In this one, researchers claim high levels of vitamin D will boost your risk of serious heart problems — despite what their own study REALLY found: that LOW levels of the sunshine vitamin will up your odds of heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney failure, and diabetes. Of course, they [...]
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Coral Calcium and The Reef The miraculous chains of life events on coral reefs are highly complex. The basic photosynthetic organisms and plant life provide food for herbivorous (vegetarian) inhabitants such as damsel fish, parrot fish, blennies and puffer fish. The parrot fish plays a unique role in the biomass of reefs. They use their strong teeth to chew away coral, which is ground in their digestive tract and released to form the ground-up, sandy bases of [...]
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